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Who are Fibre Assets?

Fibre Assets are a network infrastructure company based in Cambridge (UK) supplying ultra-fast, fibre-optic network to the premises.

We partner to sell access to our network through our Internet Services Provider (ISP) Air Broadband.

What is the difference with our network?

Our network utilises the latest networking technology to provide ultra-fast speeds right to the front door of your house or business.

Fibre assets network is 'fibre to the premise (FTTP)' providing fibre-optic connection capable of very fast speeds (upto 100 Mbps) up to the point where it joins the customers network.

I am confused by Internet jargon?

ADSL: this stands for asymmetrical digital subscriber line, often referred to as ‘standard’ broadband. It’s widely available, but only delivers speeds of up to about 17Mbps.

FTTC: this is ‘fibre to the cabinet’, sometimes just called ‘fibre’. It’s faster than ADSL (often offered in bands of 38, 52, and 76Mbps) but is less widely available.

FTTP: ‘fibre to the premises’ or ‘full fibre’ (also sometimes just ‘fibre’) is the fastest broadband technology available, usually with maximum speeds of 1Gbps (1000Mbps). However, it’s also the least widely available.  This is the type of communications provided by Fibre Assets.

Cable: this is a different kind of network, offering maximum speeds of up to 300Mbps. Availability in urban areas is usually quite good, but the network doesn’t always extend rurally.

(source Ofcom)

What will an ultra-fast feel like?

Here are some examples of download speeds for popular activities on the Internet.

Activity Size (Mb)  ADSL (4Mbps) Fibre to the cabinet (30 Mbs) Cable (50 Mbps) Full Fibre (100Mbps+)
Single song (mp3) 5 10s 5s 0.8s 0.4s
YouTube (HD) 50 1m 40s 50s 8s 4s
TV Show (HD) 450 15m 1m 50s 1m 10s 35s
Film (HD) 1500 50m 6m 15s 4m 2m

Note these are for illustration only and are to give an indication of magnitude rather than absolute speeds.

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